Annual Reports

Deze keer, met het einde van het jaar in zicht, focussen we op jaarverslagen. Laat je inspireren door deze vier exceptionele voorbeelden!

University of California Merced


Students go off to college hoping to learn critical and innovative thinking skills. What better way for colleges to attract talented young minds than showing off their own innovation? That’s exactly what UC Merced does in this publication on how the Future is being built on their Southern California campus.

Catharina Hospital


This beautiful annual report allows Catharina Hospital to save on printing costs, extend their reach, engage users on mobile devices, and collect metrics on the performance of their content. If you’re wondering what concrete benefits Instant Magazine customers reap from their content, look no further.

St. Antonius Hospital


This colorful annual report from St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands balances photography and text to create a content experience that's snackable yet compelling.

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